O’Brien Law Firm sues Ally Medical ER management company for former executive’s unpaid profit-based incentive compensation

On December 20, 2024, the O’Brien Law Firm sued Austin-based Ally Medical Management, LLC on behalf of a former executive, to pursue likely in the range of $175K-$275K of unpaid incentive compensation (depending on data that will be disclosed during the lawsuit).

The company currently operates seven Ally Emergency Medical Room clinics in Austin and Houston. O’Brien’s client, an experienced C-level executive, was promised in his employment contract that the company would pay him a bonus equal to a certain percentage of profit distributions, for a certain number of months following the end of his employment. The company appears to claim that the executive was terminated for “cause,” but as alleged in the lawsuit, there were no prior warnings or disciplinary actions, nor grounds to describe any sufficient “cause” basis for the termination. This is in addition to the many substantial achievements that this executive accomplished for the financial health of the company during his tenure. Therefore, the firm contends that Ally breached its employment agreement with this executive. Ally Medical Management, LLC is represented by the Canales Law Firm of Corpus Christi. The case is taking place in the 261st Judicial District Court of Travis County. The company denies the allegations.

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