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Improve the lives of Texas employees.

inside.picOur mission, simply put, is to improve the life of every Texas employee that comes to us for help. If that’s not the mission of your lawyer, then you aren’t being served very well. Making employees’ lives better often means working hard to get you justice for violations of your state and federal employment rights. It can mean getting money in your pocket that the law says you’re owed. It can also mean helping you make the smart decisions that protect your career, reputation, and often, sanity. Sometimes the first thing we do for a client is help them sleep better at night. “What will improve my client’s life?” is the question that constantly guides our decision making in your case.

So if you’re dealing with a difficult job situation involving a current or former employer, contact us now so that you can go about resolving it the right way. Call us at (512) 410-1960, or get a free, confidential case review by email to see what the O’Brien Law Firm can do for you.

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