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What kind of cases do you take?

We represent Texas employees and executives in practically all matters related to employment: wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, unpaid overtime and commissions, executive compensation, non-compete agreements, disability discrimination, FMLA, occupational licensing investigations/appeals, civil service hearings, TWC unemployment appeals and employee phone counseling. 

If your problem is job-related, contact us now. Sometimes you simply need time with an experienced employment attorney to discuss your situation and get advice – we can set that up quickly and easily. And if we can’t handle the matter, we should be able to refer you to a law firm that can.

I may have a case or I may need help. What should I do?

Many people who contact our office are having to find a lawyer for the first time in their lives. They’re nervous. “Am I interrupting their day?” “Will the lawyer think my situation is ‘stupid’?” “Will the lawyer return my call?” “Am I inviting a huge lawyer bill just to talk to a lawyer about my case?” You don’t have to worry about any of this when you contact the O’Brien Law Firm.


While there are different ways to contact us (you can always just call), our FREE 15-minute phone consultation is a great way to make first contact. You can call and let our receptionist know that you’re looking for help and she will set up a 15-minute phone conference with board-certified employees’ attorney Kerry O’Brien, usually for the same day. There’s nothing to be nervous about – we are granting this time to you as a gift and are happy to get to meet you over the phone.


Or, you can set up your FREE 15-minute phone consultation yourself through our online scheduling page. At your scheduled time, you should receive a call from Kerry O’Brien. We’ll chat. It’s that easy. 


If you prefer, email Kerry at ko@obrienlawpc.com.


Or text him at (512) 415-7095.  


Or fill out this form.


Any way works. 

Does the firm handle cases on "contingency"?

In many cases we do. ”Contingency” means that our firm’s attorney fees are only paid as a percentage of the employee’s recovery (or otherwise directly by the employer), and the firm fronts the case expenses to the client. If the client isn’t compensated from the case, the client owes the firm nothing – the law firm takes the loss. Whether we can take your case on contingency depends on many circumstances – we’ll talk about it and look at your options.


There are some types of cases that are not appropriate for a “contingency” arrangement, such as defending employees who are being pursued by a former employer on a non-compete contract, executive compensation counseling, Texas Workforce Commission appeals, occupational board appeals/investigations and a few others. However, we work hard to arrange a fee agreement that is appropriate and reflects the value of what you’re getting from us and what you’re fighting for.

Where in Texas does the law firm accept cases?

The firm handles cases in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. The firm has offices in Austin and Dallas, with plans to open satellite locations in Houston and San Antonio in 2016 and 2017. We are familiar with the local courts of these major cities and often work with local counsel to ensure you have the best representation.

However, the firm handles Texas Workforce Commission matters and employee counseling across the state of Texas, no matter where you are. The firm also does phone counseling – often, on a one-time basis – for all Texas employees, from El Paso to Amarillo to Beaumont. Get in touch with us and we can set that up quickly and easily.  

If you have a case in other parts of Texas and our firm cannot handle it, we can often refer you to a law firm in your area that can. The important thing is that you are taken care of. Call or email us and we’ll do our best to help.

How are you different from other law firms?

1) We recognize that our job is to make our clients’ lives better. 

If that means fighting for your employment rights all the way through trial, that’s what we do. If it means negotiating an appropriate settlement under the circumstances, that’s what we do. At each step, we ask: what will make this client’s life better? And we let that help guide our advice to you. Because if your lawyer isn’t working to make your life better, they aren’t serving you well. 


2) We strive to communicate with our clients promptly and use explanations that a non-lawyer can understand.

It’s hard to have confidence in an attorney that isn’t returning your calls or emails. We get that. And while we aren’t perfect, especially when we have an especially busy week, we strive to get back to our clients within one business day and usually a lot more quickly. 

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