O’Brien Law Firm sues Equifax for former sales rep’s unpaid sales commissions

On September 13, 2023, the O’Brien Law Firm filed suit in a Bell County, Texas state district court on behalf of a former sales representative for Equifax. This firm’s client procured business customers for Equifax’s tax credit audit services, sold through the company’s HIREtech business division. The sales rep would procure the customer, and Equifax would audit the client company to determine if the client company was entitled to certain federal tax credits. If so, Equifax would be entitled to a percentage of that tax credit as its fee, and the sales rep would receive a certain percent of that fee as the sales commission.

In the lawsuit, O’Brien’s client claims potentially in excess of $100,000 in sales commissions that she is either already entitled to, and/or that she will become entitled to when future revenue is received by Equifax on her sales. Through the lawsuit, she has asked the court to determine not only how much she is currently owed, but also on what terms she will be owed future commissions when future revenue is received by Equifax on her sales. Equifax has already told her that it believes that she is not entitled to any of these commissions after her employment has ended. The O’Brien Law Firm absolutely disagrees. This case involves a very detailed analysis of extensive and highly technical commission plan language. That case is Cause No. 23-DCV-341488, in the 146th Judicial District Court of Bell County, Texas.

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