O’Brien Law Firm helps independent contractor recover $40,000 in unpaid billings

In May 2021, the O’Brien Law Firm was able to help an independent contractor recover 100% of their unpaid billings due for months of work, from an out-of-state LLC. In this case, the firm’s client was placed to do work at a site in Texas on behalf of a staffing service operating out of another state. The firm’s client moved to Texas for the job, but went unpaid for months without any sufficient explanation by the manager of the staffing service. Once the staffing service stopped responding to the worker’s pleas for payment, the O’Brien Law Firm stepped in, and was able to use an impending lawsuit to encourage the LLC to pay this contractor. Through O’Brien’s efforts, the firm’s client recovered 100% of their unpaid billings, in the client’s pocket. While the O’Brien Law Firm is committed to helping Texas employees, the firm often helps independent contractors as well, as they often find themselves in similar circumstances of not being paid what they are owed for their valuable work.

And keep in mind that sometimes a worker classified by a company as an “independent contractor” may actually be misclassified. In that case, that worker actually may legally be an employee, which can entitle that worker to additional rights under the law, including overtime pay for hours over 40 during a workweek.

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