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Texas employees: Hiring us is like getting an instant law degree – with a ton of confidence thrown in.

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We are here for Texas employees, executives and independent contractors. We never represent employers in employment disputes. 

You may have been wrongfully terminated and need to know your rights – and whether you can take action to recover your financial losses and hold the company accountable.

You may have been presented with a severance agreement and need to know whether it’s something that you should sign – or if you should try to negotiate a better deal or not sign it at all.

You may be suffered harassment or discrimination at work and need to know your options.

You may have been denied all of the money that you’re owed, anywhere from unpaid overtime wages to compensation owed under an executive compensation contract. 

Federal, Texas and local laws provide rights and protections for Texas employees. Our job is to give you an immediate law degree, tons of experience and a lot of confidence to help you enforce those rights and defend yourself when an employer is breaking the law or attempting to harm you. We are passionate about this.

Here are some of the situations where we can help:


Employment Agreements & Compensation

If you’re visiting our site for the first time, you’re probably under some stress – maybe a lot of stress. Let’s start reducing that stress, getting you answers and putting together a strategy. Whether it’s pushing an EEOC complaint for a wrongful termination, negotiating a dispute on your employment contract, recovering your unpaid compensation or fighting underhanded illegal job retaliation or discrimination – it’s about your life, your money, your reputation, your career, your family, your integrity and your peace of mind. Contact us now – and let’s start talking to see if we can help you. 



Happy Wrongful Termination Client 2015
Great news! Thank you so much for everything you did to get this settlement. At times I was uncertain and doubted if I was making the right decisions but you always put things in perspective, steering me in the right direction.
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Kerry O’Brien teaches lawyers how to win unemployment appeals April 28, 2016

On April 27, 2016, Kerry O’Brien spoke to lawyers from around the state at the Texas Poverty Law conference in Austin, on how to win Texas unemployment appeals. Kerry is a former Texas Workforce Commission unemployment hearing officer, and in private practice since 2008 has helped hundreds of unemployment claimants with their appeals. Kerry provided […]

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