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With a centrally-located office in Austin, we are here for Texas employees, executives, and independent contractors.
This law firm never represents employers in employment disputes. Just you.


Some employment law firms handle everything – discrimination, retaliation, contracts, unemployment, benefits, whistleblower cases, and so on. They can spread themselves too thin, and become a “jack of all trades and master of none.” What most non-lawyers don’t know is that the law on something like a discrimination case is completely different from the law on commissions and bonuses. Getting employees paid what they’re owed under the law, whether from a commission/bonus agreement, stock option agreement, unpaid salary, or overtime pay – those are specialized areas in and of themselves. We focus ONLY on employee compensation cases so that we are the experts in getting our employee clients their best results in those disputes. In fact, we are likely the only law firm in Texas that focuses on this area of expertise. 


Here’s what we do for Texas employees: 


Employment Agreements & Compensation


Talk to us confidentially to see if we can help. If we need to spend time evaluating whether to take your case or not, we will typically set up a free consultation for that case evaluation. And sometimes you need one-time counseling from a specialist on your employment contract or proposed severance agreement. We can set those up quickly and easily, typically for the cost of one hour of the attorney’s time. Even if it’s your first time contacting a lawyer, don’t hesitate. Let us know what kind of help you need. 


Happy Unemployment Appeal Winner Client 2016

“Hi Kerry, 

I never would of won without your help! I was so nervous but tried to keep to what the subject was we prepped for. After the hearing I felt nauseous from all the questions from the hearing officer…Thankfully you brought out questions I felt like she needed to ask and hear responses. Thank goodness you were there! I’m anxiously awaiting to see if my ex employer appeals, then can fully celebrate.
Thank you so much, <client’s name>”
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