Court grants participation notice to Texas-connected shore tankermen in Canal Barge unpaid overtime case

On August 30, 2021, a federal judge in Houston approved the right of the O’Brien Law Firm to send notices to a group of shore tankermen who had worked for New Orleans-based Canal Barge, Inc. in the prior three years, and who either did work in Texas or lived in Texas. That notice will allow any of these workers to easily join the pending overtime case that is in progress on behalf of 6 shore tankermen. In that case, the shore tankermen have alleged that they were not paid overtime wages for time they spent after each shift at home completing company-required paperwork, and for substantial time they spent transitioning between shifts at the dock worksites, that put them over 40 hours for those weeks. That case is Civil Action No. 4:2021-cv-01150.

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