Community Involvement

The O'Brien Law Firm influencing the community.

Charitable Donations of Attorney Fees

Either way, we want good things to come from a bad situation. One of the ways we now make this happen is by donating 5% of our contingency attorney fees on non-referral cases to a local charity. Our Austin-area clients get to choose whether that donation goes to Caritas of Austin, the Seedling Foundation or the Life Giving Life community project at Gateway Church. Our Dallas-Forth Worth-area clients select between the North Texas Food Bank, The Salvation Army DFW or the Metroport Meals on Wheels. Our clients know that others’ needs are being met through their justice and that good things can come from a bad situation. And each client can also make the private decision on whether to make a donation of their own. While we donate to make others’ lives better, we find that giving to others makes our lives better as well.

Community Activism

We also believe in the power of attorneys to make a better community. In April 2013, the Travis County District Attorney was arrested for DWI, with an open bottle of vodka in her front seat coupled with an uncooperative and threatening attitude towards the arresting officers. In response, Kerry filed the lawsuit to remove her from office under state law. Despite the fact that over 300 Austin lawyers filed their support of the DA in court, Kerry led the public charge to make the case on why she needed to be removed or resign. To Kerry, this was an issue of integrity and public safety that required a strong community response. You can read more about that saga here or listen to one of the many interviews with Kerry here. Kerry intends to be active in the future with using the power of his law license to ensure that our public officials are held to high standards of honesty, transparency, and ethics.

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