Race Discrimination

KVO.about1a1The Civil Rights Act of 1964, which just had its 50th birthday, protects employees and applicants for employment from being treated worse than others because of their race. While we’ve come a long way since 1964, the O’Brien Law Firm still sees cases of racial discrimination against the spectrum of races. A lot of times, it’s much more subtle than it was in previous generations.

No one should ever be denied a legitimate job opportunity, or treated worse in their job, because of their race. No one should be the recipient of racial epithets while they’re simply trying to work hard and provide for their family. And no one should have to just take such demeaning conduct towards them just because they’re afraid of losing their job.

When you’re treated differently because of your race, that’s discrimination. And when you are harmed by it, it’s illegal. Sometimes the evidence is clear and direct (racial epithets) and sometimes it shows up through suspicious circumstances (new white supervisor pushes out the only non-white member of the team within 30 days for reasons that don’t make sense).

And when you’re retaliated against because you complained about race discrimination, that can be illegal as well.

Examples of some cases the O’Brien Law Firm has handled:

  • Hispanic and black employees were subjected to daily, repeated racial epithets from the ownership.
  • An Asian executive was pushed out by a new white supervisor while performing far better than his white counterparts.
  • An Hispanic professor was written up repeatedly and terminated within months of getting a new white supervisor who had a history of animosity toward Hispanic professionals.
  • A Palestinian Muslim employee was subjected to repeated derogatory name-calling by a black Christian supervisor, using terms such as “towel head”, “rock thrower” and “terrorist”.

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